5 Warning Signs That You Need A Second Opinion From Another Personal Injury Attorney

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Finding the right attorney can be a trial and error process. You don’t always meet the right person for you and your case the first time. Sometimes, people can feel stuck with the first attorney they meet with. It is important that you are comfortable and your case gets the attention it deserves. As a result, if you are unsatisfied with your personal injury attorney, you may want to consider a second opinion. Read on to learn more about the 5 signs you should look for when considering a second opinion:

  1. Your attorney does not promptly return your email or calls. The legal process is complex and it takes time to resolve even simple cases. However, you should never be left in the dark over the progress of your case. Good attorney-client communication is important in the outcome of your case and in keeping you from becoming frustrated along the way. It is always helpful to copy your attorney’s assistant on your emails in case your attorney is away from the office and cannot respond immediately.
  2. Your attorney gets defensive when you question his or her advice. It is your right to ask questions and seek clarification on any advice offered by your personal injury attorney.
  3. Your attorney never takes any cases to trial. Though most personal injury cases settle without a lawsuit, it sometimes takes a lawsuit to get a fair offer. Ask your attorney if they have ever taken a case to trial. If not, they are not a trial attorney. Insurance companies know the difference between law firms that will take a case to a jury trial and those who simply accept settlements.
  4. Your attorney refuses to tell you what your case is worth. An experienced personal injury attorney should be able to assess the value (or to indicate a range of the value) of a personal injury case once the attorney has evaluated the evidence. It is important to know what your case is worth so you can make an educated decision when the other side offers you a settlement.
  5. Your attorney lacks the resources to build your case for maximum value. Maximizing the value of your case requires your attorney to get all of the facts. Does your attorney use a private investigator and research paralegals? Does your attorney purchase narrative reports from your doctors or just rely upon basic medical reports? Does your attorney hire experts such as occupational therapists, economists, and accident reconstruction specialists when appropriate? If not, maybe your attorney lacks the resources to properly represent you. You need to be sure that when your attorney suggests a quick settlement it is for your best interests and not because your personal injury attorney lacks the funds to build your case and if necessary to go to trial.

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