Adjustment of Status for Permanent Residency

Many immigrants to the United States may find themselves eligible to change their temporary residency status to permanent residency status. In order to do so, the person interested in making this change will have to apply for an adjustment of status through the USCIS. Some of the reasons for which a person may be eligible to receive an adjustment of status is if they are in the United States for purposes of employment, as a refugee or on asylum, for familial reasons, and more.

It is important to note that this process can be lengthy so it is essential that you file for this change in status as soon as you are permitted to do so. During the process, you may be required to schedule a biometrics appointment, in which you undergo fingerprinting, a medical examination, and go through a formal review that assesses your criminal history. If you came to the United States on a fiance visa, you will be required to prove to the USCIS that your marriage is legitimate through the use of financial statements, photographs, and a series of in-depth questions regarding the marriage. There are some applications that do not require the applicant to attend an interview with the USCIS.

After filing your form, going to your biometrics appointment, and attending an interview if necessary, you can expect to receive a written decision in the mail. If they deny your application for an adjustment of status, you may be able to appeal the decision within 30 days. If you have questions about an adjustment of status, contact an experienced immigration attorney today.