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Liability in New Jersey Personal Injury Cases

When someone becomes injured as a result of another party’s negligence, it is known as a personal injury accident. This happens when that party fails to provide the general public with the lawful standard of care that is required of them. This can seriously injure or even cause death to a person as a result. […]

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Fiance Visas in the United States

When a citizen of the United States is engaged to a non-citizen, they are able to bring their fiance to the country under lawful circumstances. This requires the non-citizen to apply for a visa to enter the United States so that they can marry and live within the country. This is called a K-1 visa, […]

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NJ Supreme Court Prohibits Injured Motorists from Receiving Benefits Exceeding PIP Limits

  In the state of New Jersey, car insurance policies offer a “no-fault” coverage. This is known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This protection exists to cover any immediate medical expenses and wages that are lost by an individual involved in an automobile accident. New Jersey offers a $15,000 insurance minimum in PIP benefits and […]

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Workplace Accidents in New Jersey

When people go to work every day, they expect to go through the same routine as usual. They do not typically think about what would happen if they were to be involved in an accident at work. Regardless of what an individual’s profession is, there is always the possibility of an accident happening at work. […]

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Deportation Laws in the United States

In order for a foreigner to enter the United States, they must maintain a certain status. In order to keep this status, they are required to follow the country’s immigration laws. If these laws are broken, their status within the country can be subject to change. Individuals who violate immigration laws can be removed from […]

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Product Liability Laws in New Jersey

When a consumer buys a product from a company, they expect it to be safe and function the way it is intended to. Most of the time, this is true and there are no problems with products. However, sometimes defective products may be produced and sold by manufacturers. When this occurs, a product can malfunction […]

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Employment Immigration in the United States

People from around the world come to the United States every day for a variety of reasons. A common reason for foreigners to come to the country is for the opportunity of employment. In order to enter the country legally, foreign individuals must have documentation that allows them to. One document that permits individuals to […]

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Truck Accidents in New Jersey

Roads can sometimes be an unsafe place when drivers are not careful and follow the rules of the road. Accidents can happen and people can become seriously injured. Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents that can occur on the road. They are the larges vehicle on the road and can weigh up […]

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