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When a person from another country wishes to live and work permanently within the United States, they will have to apply for a Green Card. Green Card holders are also commonly referred to as permanent residents. The process of becoming a permanent resident isn’t always easy and it is only applicable to individuals who are eligible. If you need assistance navigating the process of obtaining a Green Card, it is important to speak with an experienced immigration law attorney who can effectively guide you through each step of the process. Obtaining a Green Card allows you to be one step closer to becoming eligible for United States citizenship. The Law Offices of Christopher T. Howell, Esq. understands that obtaining a Green Card marks the start of a new chapter in your life. Let our firm help you get there. Contact the Law Offices of Christopher T. Howell, Esq. today.

Benefits of a Green Card

Becoming a permanent resident with a Green Card is a major step in one’s life. This will allow you to be more eligible for employment, allow you to apply for a driver’s license, and for a Social Security Card. Additionally, it will allow you to enter the United States again if you travel out of the country for less than a year.

Green Card Eligibility

Only those who are eligible for a Green Card are able to receive one. There are many different immigrant categories that you may fall into, including getting a Green Card through family, through employment, through refugee status, and through many other categories. Each of these categories has its own set of eligibility requirements so it may be best to consult with an attorney about your situation. Once your eligibility category has been determined, you will typically have to find someone in the United States who will sponsor you. So, if you are eligible for employment, your employer should petition on your behalf. If you are eligible for family reasons, your loved one should petition for you.

Green Card Application Process

Once your eligibility has been determined and your sponsor has filed a petition on your behalf, you will be eligible to file a Green Card application or a visa application. If you are applying for a Green Card while you are inside the United States, it is considered an adjustment of status. If you are applying while you are outside the United States, you will have to go through consular processing at the U.S. consulate. After your petition has been approved, you will attend a biometrics appointment, where they take your photo, fingerprints, and a signature. You will also likely have to take part in an interview with the USCIS. The decision on your Green Card will be decided shortly after. Once you get your Green Card, it is important to carry it at all times and make sure it is renewed when necessary.

Contact a NJ Immigration Attorney

If you need assistance with the process of applying for a Green Card, it is important that you speak with an attorney. The Law Offices of Christopher T. Howell, Esq. can work with you to make sure all necessary steps are followed in an effort to help you become a permanent resident. If any issues arise, we are always there to help. Contact the Law Offices of Christopher T. Howell, Esq. today.

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