How can I prepare for my immigration interview?

immigration interview

If you are moving to the United States of America, there is a strong chance you will have to go through an interview process with an officer from the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Preparation is essential in order to make sure your interview goes over as smoothly as possible. Obviously, it is impossible to be completely prepared, but keeping a few tips in mind could prove to be the difference between giving a good impression and arousing unnecessary suspicion. If you wish to have an attorney accompany and assist you during this process, reach out to an Essex county immigration attorney at the Law Office of Christopher T. Howell, ESQ for more information.

What should I do for my immigration interview?

First and foremost, make sure all required paperwork is present and organized when going into your immigration interview. Not only will it save you from any unwanted stress during the interview, but it will also save the USCIS official interviewing you precious time and energy. Also, make sure to bring an interpreter to your interview if you feel as though you may need one. English may not be your first language, and that is fine; it will not reflect poorly on you in any way to have an interpreter present so that you can fully understand and answer all the questions the officer will have for you.

Dressing appropriately for your interview will also show that you are taking this process seriously. Although your immigration interview is a very important step in a formal legal process, this does not mean you need to show up to your meeting overdressed; dressing business casual should suffice. Perhaps the most important tip for any immigration interview is to answer every question the officer will have for you with complete honesty. This can not be stressed enough, if it is discovered that any of your responses throughout the interview was not true, this could raise red flags and set you back substantially. If you genuinely do not know the answer to a question, it is better to admit ignorance than to make something up.

What should I not do for my immigration interview?

As with all important interviews and meetings you will experience throughout your life, you must not show up late to your immigration interview. Tardiness can reflect poorly on you and may give off the impression that you are not taking the process seriously. The USCIS official could also potentially postpone or deny your case if you fail to show up on time.

It is paramount that you do not argue or lose your temper with the officer interviewing you under any circumstances. Immigration interviews can be stressful, and there could be questions asked of you that you may feel are inappropriate or unfair. But the last thing you want to do is escalate the situation into something that could hurt your chances of having a successful interview.