How to Recover Financial Compensation Following a Car Accident in New Jersey

How to Recover Financial Compensation Following a Car Accident in New Jersey

There are a huge number of motorists in the state of New Jersey. In fact, most people drive their cars to get from one place to another, especially if you live in the suburbs. While a car’s most obvious use is for transportation, many of us also enjoy taking out cars out for a spin on a Sunday while we listen to our favorite music with the windows down. Unfortunately, a car accident could ruin this moment in a heartbeat, especially if somebody is injured. If you are reading this because you have been injured in a car accident, here are some of the questions you may have:

What are some of the most common types of car accidents?

  • Rear-end collisions are the most common type of collision. A rear-end collision will occur when one car strikes the car in front of it. If you are the rear-ended car, it is virtually never your fault, regardless of your reason for stopping. If you were injured as a result of being rear-ended, there is a very good chance you will be entitled to financial compensation.
  • Low-speed collisions generally occur in places where large amounts of motorists are clustered together. If someone is backing out of a parking space and strikes your car, this is generally considered a low-speed collision.
  • Singular-vehicle collisions usually happen during inclement weather conditions. For example, if it is snowing heavily and you slide off the road into a tree or telephone pole, this would be considered a singular-vehicle collision. 
  • Collisions at intersections most often occur when one driver is attempting to go through a yellow light and another party going in the opposite direction is also trying to make a left turn at the same time. You may have heard these collisions referred to as “T-Bone” crashes.

How do I recover compensation if I was injured in a car accident in the state of New Jersey?

The most important qualifier for financial compensation following a personal injury claim is whether or not the other party’s negligence is the cause of your suffering. One of the most effective ways to prove your claim is by capturing the accident on video. This is why owning a hands-free, mounted dashcam is a good idea. However, asking any witnesses of the accident to provide their contact information so they can help verify your claim may also help your case. Lastly, though perhaps most importantly, you must seek medical attention as soon as you can. A medical professional will help treat your injuries and will provide you with medical documentation regarding your injuries that you may use to prove your claim.

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