How Do I Sue After a Scaffolding Accident in New Jersey?

Construction workers put themselves in potentially hazardous situations every day when they go to work. Something that can frequently become a hazard at a construction site can include scaffolding. This is a structure of wood planks and metal poles that can become dangerous in the event that it is not made or maintained properly. If […]

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Pedestrian Deaths Reaches Highest Level in U.S. Since 1988

Pedestrian accidents are very serious. They can cause detrimental injuries to those involved, and sometimes they can even result in death. A new report released from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) suggests that pedestrian fatalities are on the incline, reaching its highest levels in 2019 in over 30 years. These cases are taken very […]

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What Benefits Can I Receive Under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law?

When a person suffers from a workplace accident in New Jersey, they can often face significant damages as a result. This can be physical, emotional, and financial. It is because of this that workers’ compensation is available to employees during this time. This is a no-fault insurance program that provides them with certain benefits during […]

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How Do I Sue After an Airport Accident in New Jersey?

There are several different airports in the state of New Jersey. Within them, there can be thousands of people at any given time trying to catch a flight, whether it may be for work or leisure. When people think of airports, their concerns are generally about being in the air, not on the ground. However, […]

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Can I Get Money For my Injuries After a Pedestrian Accident in New Jersey?

Many people in New Jersey walk in order to get to where they need to be. In most cases, this is done without any issues. However, it is possible for pedestrians to be involved in an accident that causes significant injuries that have the potential to impact them for the rest of their life. This […]

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How do I Pay my Medical Bills After a Sustaining Catastrophic Injury in New Jersey?

People who are involved in accidents often sustain injuries as a result. Sometimes, they can be minor while others can be quite serious. In some cases, victims of an accident can even suffer from what is known as a catastrophic injury. When this happens, it usually causes significant physical, emotional, and financial burdens. It is […]

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