What to do After a Supermarket Accident in New Jersey

Though supermarket accidents are rarer than say, car accidents, they still happen, and when they do, people are very often injured as a result. If you have been injured, you are most likely now seeking financial compensation to help cover the cost of any damages you have incurred. Here are some of the questions you may have regarding the claims process going forward:

What are the most frequent causes of supermarket accidents?

Supermarket accidents can be caused by several different factors, including falling items from shelves, poorly placed floor mats, inadequate lighting or security, spills left unattended, parking lot potholes, tainted food, and more.

How do I know if I qualify for financial compensation?

To qualify for financial compensation, you must be able to prove that you were injured as a direct result of another party’s negligence. This is not as straightforward as it may sound, which is why it is always best to retain the services of an experienced legal team. Our firm will work to recover surveillance footage of the accident, pictures of the hazardous supermarket conditions that caused your accident, police reports of the incident, and more to prove your claim.

Additionally, you cannot forget to receive medical treatment in the hours after the accident. Even if you do not feel injured automatically, the fact is, many injuries take a few days to set in, so it is always best to be proactive and receive the treatment you need beforehand. What’s more, you can use the medical documentation your physician provides to further bolster your personal injury claim.

What is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New Jersey?

The statute of limitations is the amount of time individuals have to take legal action against another person. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations is two years, which means you will have two years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury claim against a negligent party. Unfortunately, if you wait any longer than two years, you will most likely be denied your right to financial compensation. By reaching out to our firm today, you enable us to begin the claims process as soon as possible. We are ready to tenaciously fight for the compensation you deserve.

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