What is a Product Liability Case in New Jersey?

People buy products with the expectation that they are safe to use. Usually, this is true and people do not experience any problems. However, it is possible for a product to be defective and malfunction while it is in use. When this happens, it can cause severe accidents to those who are using them. People who sustain injuries due to malfunctioning products often want to seek justice for their suffering. It is important to know that this can be done through product liability. When dealing with these matters, contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney for assistance.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability laws are in place to hold manufacturers liable for what they produce. By law, they are obligated to create products that are safe for people to buy and use. In the event that a manufacturer is negligent during production and does not provide the proper standard of care to their customers, they can be held responsible if an accident occurs and injures someone. This is done under product liability law. Negligence can include anything that deviates from usual production and cuts corners to finish the product. Often times, these malfunctions are seen in items such as household appliances, motor vehicles, children’s toys, and more. 

In addition to these requirements, product liability law instructs manufacturers to put warning labels on their products. This ensures consumers know how to use it safely in order to avoid injuries from occurring. Without these labels, people can misuse the product and harm themselves in the process. The manufacturer can also be held liable for injuries that happen under these circumstances as well. 

What Types of Products Can Be Involved?

There are different ways an individual can become harmed due to a faulty product. There are three common types of defects that are often seen in court. This includes design defects, manufacturer defects, and the failure to warn. 

Design defects occur when the product’s designer did not account for user safety when styling it. Manufacturer defects are when the creator of the product did not follow protocol, thus manufacturing an item that is defective. Failure to warn is when the company does not provide a warning label for products that can cause injuries if they are used improperly. 

Recovering Compensation

Product malfunctions can cause serious injuries to consumers that result in significant physical, emotional, and financial burdens. It is because of this that people often pursue legal action in order to receive compensation. This exists as coverage for any damages that stem from the incident, including medical bills and lost wages among other costs. Manufacturers who are responsible for these injuries may owe the injured party compensation to cover these payments.

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