Why is it so important to call the police after an accident in New Jersey?


Have you been injured in a car accident while driving through the Garden State? If so, you may not know whether to call the police. Although you may not contact the police if you believe there is minimal damage, it is highly recommended to contact the police. Following a collision, the police can be a valuable resource if you decide to take legal action against the other motorist for their negligence. It can be challenging for those involved in a car accident to remember critical details about the crash. That being said, the police can investigate the cause of the collision and determine fault. This can help establish liability as you will have to satisfy the burden of proof. Keep reading to learn how the police can help with your car accident case and discover how a talented Essex County Auto Accident Attorney can help you secure the fair compensation you deserve. 

Should I call the police after a car accident in New Jersey?

Following a car accident, the other motorist involved in the collision may try to convince you not to contact the police. However, regardless of the severity of the accident, you should call 911 to seek immediate medical attention. You may think you feel fine, but certain injuries have delayed effects that must be treated by a medical professional. It is difficult to assess damage and physical harm at the scene of the accident which is why it is imperative to call the police as they are a valuable resource for help and information. This will protect your best interests in the long run.

In New Jersey, if you were involved in a car accident, you must report the collision to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Agency within 10 days of the crash if it resulted in injury, death, or property damage of more than $500. If you do not call the police at the scene of the accident, you can file a police report yourself. However, there are many benefits to having the police at the scene of the accident. These benefits include them drafting a police report to document your accident claim. The police report will contain valuable information that can help you build a strong case. This includes the officer’s opinion on the cause of the accident and whether one person violated a traffic law. When the police arrive at the scene of the accident they will redirect traffic and block off the area. This will ensure other people on the road are not at risk of harm. Additionally, it will preserve the scene. This will allow the officers to conduct a proper investigation to determine who was at fault for the car accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to another motorist’s negligence, please contact a trusted attorney from the Law Offices of Christopher T. Howell, Esq. With years of experience, we can help you seek reasonable compensation for your damages.